Scrum Team Training

All you need for getting started with Scrum! Particularly for development teams in Scrum, we have created this new, two-day introductory training. It provides the right content mix out of our CSM, CSPO and AEP training along with new topics which are considered as important understanding for teams.

This training is typically used as a part of kicking-off when implementing Scrum. It helps all involved people to be aligned and use the same vocabulary

  • Instructor led, highly interactive classroom training
  • 2 days
  • private classes only

You'll learn

  • All important Scrum basics
  • Scrum from a different perspective
  • what the main benefits are
  • how you correctly use Scrum
  • the roles and their duties

You'll understand

  • Agility - what it means to be agile
  • Empiricism
  • How to properly run a Sprint
  • how Scrum Masters, Product Owners and team members work together
  • that Scrum is not a "silver-bullet"

The training focuses on the important aspects of Scrum and concentrates on the role of the development team. Furthermore you will be given many practical tips and advice from practical experiences which are valuable for Scrum introductions or for the phase after a pilot.

  • Scrum Framework Overview
  • Empirical Process Control
  • Inspect & Adapt
  • Agile Principles and Values
  • Scrum Values
  • The Roles in Scrum
  • The Product Backlog and User Stories
  • Scrum Meetings
  • Backlog refinement
  • "Ready" and "Done"
  • Working as a team
  • Team building
  • Collective Responsibility
  • Self-organization
  • Technical Skills
  • Technical Debt
  • Agile estimation techniques


  • 08:30h Welcome, Coffee
  • 09:00h Beginning
    • In between two breaks with refreshments: one in the morning, one in the afternoon
    • Lunch Break
  • Around 17:30 Closing

Alessandro Grimaldi

In the 14 years of activity in the project business Alessandro has learned to work determined, customer-oriented and well organized. As Agile Coach and Product Owner he is safely familiar with agile principles and methods since 2006. He also holds the certification as LeSS Practitioner. In his long career Alessandro has learned to optimally release the potential of people and cross-functional teams through agile mindset, labor and management methods. His first valuable experience in the education sector he has collected at the Danube University Krems, where Alessandro worked as a Lecturer from 2002 until 2004. After that he could develop his training skills steadily as Agile Coach . And since the beginning of 2013 he also deals extensively with "Lean Startup" whose innovative principles and methods are now being taught already at prestigious business schools like Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and Columbia.

Daniel Haslinger

is Certified Scrum Trainer® of the Scrum Alliance and has collected many years of experience with Scrum. In the last couple of years, Daniel has intensively dealt with agile software development and worked as developer, consultant and coach actively in Scrum projects, as well as Scrum Master and Product Owner. He also holds the certification as LeSS Practitioner.

As an agile Coach he helped several organizations with the introduction of agile methods like Scrum, from small Startups to major enterprises. Through training and catalyst coaching and consulting Daniel helps companies with their agile transformation and brings in his rich experience from many previous projects.

Daniel professionally develops software now for over 15 years in the field of Java. He intensively deals with agile practices and helps development teams to apply these successfully and use them for continuous improvement.

Arjan de Jong

gained deep practical experience into Scrum and agile software development while he was participating in ING Bank's agile transformation. Before working as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, Arjan has spent many years as a tester, analyst and developer in diverse organizations and therefore he has gained deep insights into the structures of software development organizations.

This experience was highly advantageous when he started his career as a Scrum Master, which quickly made him an important player in the highly complex agile transformation of the ING Bank in the Netherlands. There he learned how important it is to adopt agility across all organizational layers.

He knows how to use his deep quality understanding and his pragmatic approach for the advantage of the teams and organizations he coaches.

Arjan is Certified Scrum Professional of the Scrum Alliance.

Martin Hoppacher

Martin Hoppacher is a Certified Scrum Master® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® of the Scrum Alliance, Agile Coach and Trainer at Objectbay Software & Consulting GmbH and heads the Engineering Consulting division of Objectbay. He has collected many years of experience in agile and lean software development in both product and project development environments. As a consultant, coach and trainer Martin has worked on over 30 projects till date and continues his passion for agile practices. He started his career as a quality manager in classical waterfall projects but moved from "the dark side" to Scrum about 10 years ago. Since then he intensively deals with agile software development, agile management and leadership. As an agile coach he helps organisations introducing agile frameworks and tools like Scrum or Kanban, in a spectrum reaching from small to major sized enterprises. He successfully supported several transitions from traditional project management to agile organisations, taking the role of a catalyst coach to establish an agile culture and effective change management. Martin is mainly an agile practitioner, not only teaching, but also living Scrum and Agile every day. When not coaching one of his clients or running a training, he mentors and coaches Scrum teams, which develop software as a service with Scrum.


Training price: EUR 4,500 excl. taxes. as a base price for the training
Per delegate EUR 100 additional fee per delegate, which will be charged per actual attending delegate, however a minimum of 10 delegates will be charged in any case. The upper limit is 20 delegates for didactic reasons.
The price includes all services as laid out herein. The training venue, catering/lunch or optional travel expenses for the participants have to be provided/paid by the remitter. Domestic travel expenses for the trainer however are included in the price. For a detailed quote please contact us.

About this training

Within these two days you will get to know Scrum from a different angle. This workshop differs massively from classical classroom lectures as we hardly ever use any slides. We rather make use of the latest techniques in brain research to impart knowledge: Most of the time we work interactively in small groups to learn and to practice the concepts. We will discuss, hear about real life stories and practical examples, and also acquire knowledge by doing exercises in groups and contrasting the results. You will deepen your knowledge about Scrum with the assistance of an experienced Scrum trainer.


The main objective of this training is to develop a deeper understanding of Scrum and the work/tasks of the Scrum Master as well as to equip you for the everyday life as Scrum Master and the reality of introducing Scrum in your organization. Secondary aim is to prepare you for the certification examination! Through the interactive and workshop-like training style we create enough space to address individual problems and questions. The training also serves as a forum where you can discuss current issues with an experienced trainer.

In this training you learn how to use Scrum successfully. You will become more familiar with the principles and the functionality of the Scrum framework and recognize the true nature of Scrum as a framework for the control of complex processes like software development. You will learn how teams successfully deliver working products by means of transparency, continuous inspection and adaption, self-organization, permanent planning, and little steps. You will understand the particular duties and the responsibilities of the development team and receive the necessary basics for using Scrum in your environment. The course also gives a deeper insight into good practices in the implementation of Scrum. Moreover, it shows the preconditions and changes that are necessary in your business for the successful use of agile approaches and Scrum.

You will leave this training with lots of new ideas and maybe also with a different mindset. Actually this is our goal. Scrum is the beginning of a journey: A journey of learning, reflection, and change. As trainer and coach, I am pleased to be your travelling companion, and our company will be available to answer further questions after the training as well.

What you get

  • Printed Handouts
  • Scrum Poster
  • Stationary and Gifts such as our Scrum Juggling Ball
  • One set of Planning Poker Cards
  • Access to electronic material (handouts, slides, reading material)
  • Free Updates