So you know the basics of Scrum?

Wonder why Scrum works? How to gain team productivity? Want to understand the secrets behind successful teams? You are a Scrum Master and want to garden teams? Welcome, this is your class!

  • Instructor led, highly interactive classroom training
  • Certification “Certified Scrum Master® (CSM)” by Scrum Alliance
  • 2 days
  • public open-enrollment, private classes inhouse optional

You'll learn

  • how to become agile
  • Scrum from a different perspective
  • to apply Scrum
  • to practice Scrum
  • work with self-organizing teams
  • alternative ways of planning
  • communication patterns
  • how to prevent your team from producing waste
  • the difference between lean and agile
  • the difference between Scrum and Kanban

You'll understand

  • Agility - what it means to be agile
  • Empiricism
  • why Scrum works
  • Scrum is not a process
  • Self organization
  • Estimates create expectations create disappointments
  • Lack of communication create assumptions create rework
  • How Kanban can be an alternative to Scrum

The training deepens the important aspects of Scrum and, compared to the Scrum Essentials training, goes into more detail on the Scrum Roles (particularly the Scrum Master), the artifacts and the meetings. In addition, many valuable tipps and advice from practical experiences is given, which is helpful for Scrum implementation or for the time after a Scrum pilot project. Note: We will not deal with the Scrum basics in this training.

  • Agile Principles and Values
  • Empirical Process Control
  • Scrum Values
  • The Scrum Framework
  • The Scrum Roles
  • The Product Backlog and User Stories
  • Scrum Meetings
  • Scrum Master & Scrum Meetings
  • Backlog Refinement
  • Agile Estimation Techniques
  • Teambuilding
  • Self-organization
  • Technical Skills
  • Technical Debt
  • “Ready“ and “Done“
  • Release Planning
  • Implementing Scrum
  • Scaling Scrum (optional content)
  • Scrum with distributed Teams (optional content)


  • 08:30am Welcome, Registration and Coffee
  • 09:00am (sharp) Class starts
    • in between two breaks with refreshments: one in the morning, one in the afternoon
    • 12:30pm Lunch break (one hour)
  • Around 05:30pm Closing

Daniel Haslinger

is Certified Scrum Trainer® of the Scrum Alliance and has collected many years of experience with Scrum. In the last couple of years, Daniel has intensively dealt with agile software development and worked as developer, consultant and coach actively in Scrum projects, as well as Scrum Master and Product Owner. He also holds the certification as LeSS Practitioner.

As an agile Coach he helped several organizations with the introduction of agile methods like Scrum, from small Startups to major enterprises. Through training and catalyst coaching and consulting Daniel helps companies with their agile transformation and brings in his rich experience from many previous projects.

Daniel professionally develops software now for over 15 years in the field of Java. He intensively deals with agile practices and helps development teams to apply these successfully and use them for continuous improvement.

Training price: EUR 1,500 excl. taxes. per person
Early Bird discount: EUR 100 discount on the training price if the registration is made online and no later than 30 days before the first day of the training (see also our General Training Conditions). The early bird discount can be combined with other discounts.
Group discount:

EUR 100 discount per delegate on the training price if you register a group of 3 or more people of your organization for the same training online. Please use the option to add additional participants in our online registration form. The group discount is combinable with other discounts.

for discounts for larger groups please get in touch with us

After full attendance you are qualified for taking the Scrum Alliance's online certification exam. The training price includes Scrum Alliance membership for a two year term and examination fees along with two attempts.

On the second day of the class delegates are registered with the Scrum Alliance and can take the exam immediately after classl. There is a 90 day time frame to take the exam online from then. During the exam you will have to answer 35 multiple-choice questions with a passing score of 24 (no negative counting).

Upon passing the exam you will be certified as a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM). However, full attendance and active participation during the training is required.

This course entitles you further for 14 PDU with the PMI and 16 SEU with the ScrumAlliance for CSP Certification.

About this training

Within these two days you will get to know Scrum from a different point of view. This workshop differs massively from classical classroom lectures as we use less slides and rather make use of the latest techniques in brain research to impart knowledge: Most of the time we work interactively in small groups to learn and to practice the concepts. We will discuss and hear about real life stories and practical examples, and also acquire knowledge by doing exercises in groups and contrasting the results. You will deepen your knowledge about Scrum with the assistance of an experienced Scrum trainer.

Who should attend?

This training is intended for all people who want to learn more about Scrum and how it works and who want to gather information beyond the basics. Primarily this training is aiming at active or ongoing Scrum Masters seeking valuable help for their daily work. But also for interested team leads, people who want to introduce Scrum in their organization, developers, and all those who want to deepen their understanding of Scrum, this training offers a deep source of experience and knowledge to make your start with Scrum more successfully. Also for managers and decision-makers, this training offers a unique opportunity to get a feeling of the operational level and the daily work with agile methods.

What you get

  • Printed Handouts
  • Printed Book “Scrum - Your Practical Guide to Success” from Andreas Wintersteiger
  • Scrum Framework Poster
  • Agile Manifesto Poster
  • Stationary and Gifts such as our Scrum Juggling Ball
  • One set of Planning Poker Cards
  • Access to electronic material (handouts, slides, reading material)
  • 14 Scrum Educational Units (SEU, Cat. B)
  • 16 PMI Professional Development Units (PDU)
  • A two year term membership with Scrum Alliance
  • Certification fees (two attempts included)
  • Free content updates