We build teams around motivated, highly skilled and responsible people.
We have created an environment, where such teams can self-organize and grow in their abilities and capabilities.
And we have established a corporate culture of leadership based on these values.

Tech savvy

There is at least one thing everyone is really good in. We emphasize on people's strengths.

  • smart
  • talented & skilled
  • innovation spirit
  • striving for mastery


Passion for what we do is the most important input to what we do. It defines the quality.

  • attention to detail
  • quality thinking
  • taking responsibility
  • customer oriented


Performers challenge mediocrity. Innovators lead imitators. Finishers get things done.

  • motivated
  • highly productive
  • challenger
  • curious and hungry

Our core values


We strive to understand and optimize the value that the product we create for our customers brings to its users. When we comprehend the impact of what we do, we make a difference!


We deeply care for what we do and we do it with conviction and intent. We love technology and how it can make our life easier and smarter.


We are embedded in a crowd of awesome peers from whom all of us can learn from. We listen to everyone’s ideas and give respect to each other. Speak when you have something to say!


We create a world of work full of transparency to foster awareness, creativity, motivation and continuous improvement. Feedback on all levels is pivotal to what we do.


We seek transparency and feedback at the earliest, we inspect & adapt, we measure what we have built, and we learn. Rinse and repeat.


We are open to new ideas and sometimes counterintuitive ways of doing things. That’s why we keep challenging the status quo.


We enforce a culture of responsibility and commitment. We foster self-organization and give people a great deal of freedom but ask them to be self-disciplined.


Go for the best, sweep out mediocrity. High performance is key to our work. That does not mean we work countless hours, we do everything to be effective and efficient.

Principles over practices

We have made the agile and lean principles to our core working principles. Adding self organizing teams trumps any defined company processes and practices.

Focus & eliminate waste

Our teams do not multi-task, they work on only one single project. We have a strong focus coming from a clear vision and we eliminate unproductiveness whenever it surfaces.


We are facilitators in every sense. We engage within our teams, with our customers and within our customer’s teams. We grow as we go.

People over profit

We not only invest in people, we also engage in social welfare. Every year we donate to selected charity and wellbeing in our world.