Since 2007 we have been investing in the creation of fully automated build, test and deployment infrastructures - long time before it became cool!
We never took rest in improving our cloud based, fully automated build pipeline, to a level always ahead of time.
We are definitely proud to help you save a huge amount of money you'd otherwise sink into boilerplate work.

Productive from Day One

With a push-button provisioning of a complete development environment including developer workspace, source code repository, build system, continuous integration and even a fully automated testbed, we get our teams to work within just minutes. Automatic and in our private cloud.

100 % Progress Transparency

Working software. All Tests executed. Deployed on a production alike environment with real data - ready to test-drive. Metrics captured and visualized on your project dashboard. Only real progress is visible, whenever you want to see. This is our definition of transparency.

Delivery in Real-Time

Want a live broadcast into our work? Our infrastructure is securely accessible from outside and our customers enjoy a daily sneak preview of what they can expect at the end of a sprint. WYSIWYG in total production quality. Even feedback is welcome at that time.

Development Environment

Based on the technology stack selected
basic infrastructure scaffolding

  • Developer workspaces
  • Source code repository
  • Build system
  • Unit test system
  • Automated code analysis
  • Documentation system
  • Project management & tracking

Build, Test & Run

Continuous Integration and Deployment
Fully automated testing & staging pipeline

  • Team collaboration
  • Integration Testing
  • Capability Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Planning
  • Auto Staging

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Leading edge IaaS technology
100% automation

  • OpenStack private cloud
  • KVM & container virtualization
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Configuration management
  • High-end compute hardware
  • Redundant storage nodes
  • Monitoring & alerting

Infrastructure could cost you weeks, sometimes even months of an entire team.
We just push a button. And spend the rest of the first day with your first feature.

Dr. Andreas Wintersteiger, Director Objectbay