While others keep discussing, we deliver - fortnightly. We keep the small releases coming.

High Quality

We are software industry's Zippo™ - just works and comes with a lifetime guarantee for fixes.


You see it and figure out it needs to change? No worries - we knew you'll want to change it.


Building your product with us is as easy as 1-2-3.
We use Scrum and Lean Software Development principles to work with you. You'll never want it different again.

  • Idea

    Your Product is still an idea in your mind and the start of our common journey.

  • Vision & Design

    Within a single day we form a product vision with you and do initial design.

  • Dedicated Team

    We dedicate a skilled agile team to work with you in tight feedback cycles.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Every second week we deliver a working and valuable increment to your product.


We work in iterations of two week length, called "Sprints" - delivering working software at the end of each cycle. Even midway working results become visible on a daily basis through continuous delivery onto our stunning cloud based development environment.

  • We maintain a backlog of product features together with you
  • For each sprint we select high prioritized items to work on
  • Our team's progress and key metrics are permanently visible to you
  • Working results are continuously deployed onto a cloud based environment
  • A stable as-of-today version of the product is always accessible to you
  • Your feedback and improvement ideas pour into the product backlog again
  • New items come in and priorities change as we go, you set directions using the backlog


Impact and ROI of the products we create is key. We deliver value early and frequently and embrace change. We collaborate with our customers almost intimately and utilize only the richest communication channels. We create transparency and ruthlessly improve the way we work, we continuously learn.

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Long term philosophy trumps short term temporal gains. We limit work in progress and cycle times and examinate our processes to eliminate waste. Leveling workload and fixing problems as they occur is prime. Lean is visualizing what we do to improve and lead. We challenge and grow teams of excellent people.

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Design Thinking

We try to learn about our customers and users by empathizing and define a point of view to understand people's needs and goals. We ideate to find possible solutions and showcase a rough draft using lightweight prototypes and finally test the ideas with most original user feedback.

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