We are Agile Consultants

Objectbay has helped more than 70 organizations worldwide to transform to Agile and Lean Software Development since 2006. Bridging the gap between the classical SDLC approach and today's way of doing development.

Implementing Scrum

We have helped organization from startup to SME to multinational with implementing Scrum and Agile on all levels and at scale.

Engineering Practices

It's about people's skills and modern & agile engineering practices. Leverage our experience of 15+ years of actually doing it!

Lean Thinking

We have helped leaders to create a corporate culture for continuous improvement and moving from process- to people centric.


While it's four phases or scale levels, you'll undergo all of them iteratively.
You decide the speed you want to go from single team to hybrid to full stack.

  • Assessment

    Let's measure and have a clear and common view into the current state, surfacing all strengths and weaknesses.

  • Pilot Teams

    We typically start with a well selected set of 1-3 teams, not too sandbox and not too mission-critical. Let's start to learn.

  • Roll-Out: Department

    Once a certain level of maturity has been achieved, we roll out the learnings to other teams within the department.

  • Roll-Out: Organization

    You finally have built enough internal skills and know-how. Now it's time to go full-stack. And we coach the coaches.


Each level is a sequence of iterations with three elementary activities

Measure & Assess

We have developed tools and working aids to assess and measure maturity on multiple levels and for different roles. We help to create transparency for the organization to inspect & adapt.


Every organization is different. In every situation. That's why we create an individual plan for only a short period of time. We use the agile tool "Coaching Backlog" consisting of small work items such as training, coaching or consulting deliverables.


Together with you and the teams we prioritize and act on the selected items within each iteration. And then move on to the next iteration starting with an inspection of the situation again.

Learn more

Want more information about our approach and how to implement and scale Agile? While our consultants have gained experience in most popular frameworks such as Scaling Scrum, LeSS, SAFe and others, we do not use a single framework or blueprint. We strongly advocate adherence to agile and lean principles and implement best practices accordingly.

Our Consulting Services

We provide our clients with diverse services from very lightweight to intensive care.
In any case our approach is to enable you and supersede ourselves over time. We want you to do it on your own.

Team level coaching

Our coaches consult and train teams and individuals to fill in their role.

  • Scrum, XP & Lean
  • Personal & Technical
  • Role Modelling
  • Generating insights
  • Support team learning

Agile Leadership

Our agile coaches understand the diversity of situations requiring different leadership styles.

  • Facilitation & Mentoring
  • Leading by example
  • Problem solving
  • Reflection & Introspection
  • Challenging odd behaviors

Management Consulting

Agile affects the entire organization on all levels, that's why we also work with senior management.

  • Organizational Learning
  • Leading Change
  • Sustainability
  • Lean Thinking
  • Corporate Culture

How can we help you?

We help creating a comprehensive agile implementation strategy and accompany and support you tactically with training and coaching. No matter if you are about to start or have been doing it for some time now, we would be pleased to help you.

Consulting Products

Want instant gratification?
We have prepared a couple of ready-to-go products to instantly take off!