The following General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all courses, trainings, and seminars (hereinafter called "training") that are offered and performed by the Objectbay Software & Consulting GmbH (hereinafter called "training organizer").


The registration for the training is to be made online on our website or in written format by letter, by fax, or per e-mail (if it is made in written format by sending a completed registration form, which is a part of the training description, duly signed by the company). The online registration is to be reconfirmed by the client by e-mail (Double-Opt-In procedure). The registration is followed by the placement of the order to the training organizer, who shall confirm it within three working days. The confirmation is made by e-mail and the delivery of an invoice. Without any confirmation, there is no entitlement to participate in the training. If the training organizer did not confirm the order or rejected it due to the limited number of participants, there has been no contract concluded between the two parties. Registrations are processed in the chronological order of their arrival; in case of electronic media, the time stamp of the arrival is relevant (online: the time of the confirmation by the client). In the event of too low participation, the training organizer reserves the right to cancel the training up to ten working days before the training. In this case, the client is to be informed accordingly by e-mail, two calendar weeks before the training.


The price indicated in the registration form includes the following services: the training according to the provided training description, the location, the catering during the training (lunch in form of a set meal or a warm buffet as well as catering during the breaks including coffee, tea, cold beverages, and snacks), and the training documents. The training is held in the language which is explicitly stated in the training description. The training organizer reserves the right to change the contents of the training within reasonable bounds without notification. The language of the documents may individually deviate from the training language. Provided documents are possibly legally protected. Any other included services, such as certification fees etc. are to be explicitly mentioned in the training description.


The withdrawal or cancelation of a registration for a training that has already been confirmed is possible up to four weeks before the training. In the case of a cancelation up to two weeks before the training, the client is obliged to pay a cancelation fee that represents 50% of the total training price. Later cancelations cannot be taken into consideration, and the full training fee has to be paid in this case. However, the client is entitled to designate or to send a substitute participant instead of the registered participant before the beginning of the training. After consultation with the training organizer, it is possible to change the date of the training; however, this may cause additional charges. If a cancelation or re-booking affects any granted discounts (see below), so that the conditions for granting are no longer fulfilled, the training price plus the difference to the price that results from the current situation is to be paid.


The price indicated in the training description shall apply, including the stated quantity or early bird discounts or other special offers. Quantity and team discounts basically apply to registrations for the same training date, combination discounts basically to the registration of the same person. The price indications are to be understood – unless stated otherwise –exclusive of the legal value added tax. In the event of public trainings, the VAT that is valid in the country where the training actually takes place will be invoiced (EU regulation).

Accounting is issued together with the registration confirmation. Basically, the invoice amounts are due prior to the training without deduction. In the case of early bird discounts, the invoice amount is to be paid much earlier (preliminary invoice, earlier date of accounting). If a participant did not meet his payment obligation, the training organizer reserves the right to exclude him from the training or to cancel the early bird discount.


If the training cannot take place due to illness of the trainer, force majeure, or other unforeseeable circumstances, the training organizer will strive to find a solution; however, there is no right to claim the implementation of the training. In this case, the training organizer is obliged to refund the full training fee immediately but not to compensate travel and accommodation expenses or downtime costs, and he cannot be held responsible for indirect damage, lost profit, or any claims of third parties.


The training organizer uses the registration data of the participant exclusively for the organization of the training, to get in contact with the participant during and after the training. Furthermore, the data or parts of it will be transmitted – only if explicitly required – to a partner for the certification or registration connected with this partner. Currently, the only partner is the Scrum Alliance, Inc. in the USA. The participant gives his explicit consent to this transmission. The transmission to third parties shall be excluded. The legal venue is the seat of the Objectbay Software & Consulting GmbH.